Adopt-a-High School

In 2014, the Adopt-a-High School program was launched, headed by RCBA and Foundation Director-at-Large Kelly A. Moran.

Inspired by the good work of Justice Douglas Miller and others in the Desert Bar Association, the Adopt-a High School program is aimed at introducing 12th grade students to the legal profession. As was done in the Desert Bar Association, it is the Foundation’s goal that the program will grow and be adopted by individual law firms or companies in the coming years so that ultimately a partnership will be established with each school in the Riverside County area. 

With the support of the RCBA Board and the Barristers, the planning committee created a three-part program for its inaugural year that includes: (1) Legal Careers Day; (2) a mock preliminary hearing argued by a District Attorney and criminal defense attorney before Judge Bernard Schwartz; and (3) a “teach the class” series where guest attorney/judge lecturers will help prepare students for the AP Government exam by hosting discussions on various constitutional law issues.

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