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Barristers Column — February 2024

By David Rivera

Attorney David Rivera

David Rivera

I. Milestone

Wow. This is going by fast. I am not counting down the months, but a glance at my calendar tells me that the Barristers board is nearing its midterm. In honor of this nearing milestone, I'm going to discuss Barristers more this month, and the substantive legal theme of this magazine issue less (or not at all).

II. Misstep

This new approach isn't entirely deliberate. I drafted a fairly decent substantive article that not only fell squarely within the monthly theme, but also embraced a subject near and dear to my heart. Alas, I submitted it a wee bit late and a wee bit long. Formatting and layout restrictions at this late hour cannot be denied. Perhaps I can share it (off-theme) next month?

III. Progress Report

At the outset of this term, I established three goals: (1) Increase member participation, (2) Be mindful of Barristers' 60-year legacy, and (3) Have fun!

How fare we?

A. Increase Member Participation

We are clearly trending in the right direction. Member attendance at nearly all our events, particularly monthly happy hours, is on the rise. We book a routine reservation at each of our happy hour establishments du mois. In three months, those reservations have increased in size from parties of fifteen to more than twenty. Attendance at our January happy hour approached thirty people.

Our November General Membership Meeting/CLE saw attendance in the low- to mid-twenties. Two weeks ago, twelve people gathered on a Sunday morning for Beer Yoga. Early Eventbrite RSVPs for Mock Trial Scoring and Disneyland are flat out wonderful (see below for more details). I don't doubt that there will be falloff in actual attendance, but I remain thrilled about our members' response.

Participation is evident in other ways. Five Barristers sit on our Social Events, CLE, and Marketing Committees. They bring fresh insight to committee discussions, and we enjoy getting to know them better. Thank you, Derek, Sophia, Ceciah, Donna, and Clint!

I'm not certain what's driving our increased member participation, but a few possibilities come to mind. First, our Marketing Committee has taken steps to advertise our events well in advance of scheduled dates. We send initial notices and reminders across email and social media. Second, we just might be reaching out to an incredibly receptive group. Third, active members may be spreading the word themselves. Maybe it's a little bit of everything.

I want to send a shoutout to participants in RCBA's New Attorney Academy. So many of you are swinging by happy hour after NAA classes. Keep it up!

B. Be Mindful of Barristers' 60-Year Legacy

I honestly don't know how well we are progressing on this front, at least in the way of producing something tangible. We have spoken to past presidents and board members to gain an awareness of things we may have lost over time—things that may be worth recapturing. Some of this feedback has gone into tentative event planning. I hope and expect that our efforts will pay dividends in the form of scheduled events.

C. Have Fun!

At least some of our board members have received positive feedback on the fun front. I really hope you share those sentiments. If you don't, please let me know. I'm approachable and available.

On a personal note, I can say that I would be ready to pass on the reins if I wasn't enjoying myself. I hope to see you over the coming weeks!

IV. Upcoming Events

February Happy Hour: February 16, 4:30 p.m. at Retro Taco

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David P. Rivera is a solo practitioner of business law in Highland. He is the President of the Riverside County Barristers Association, the Treasurer of the Hispanic Bar Association of the Inland Empire, the Treasurer of the Asian Pacific American Lawyers of the Inland Empire, and a member of the RCBA Bar Publications Committee.

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