President's Message — July-August 2024

Attorney Mark A. Easter

Mark A. Easter

In this month in which we celebrate our independence, and given the times in which we live, taking a moment to review the actions, orders, and rulings that our founding leaders were declaring independence from, and revolting against, is probably not a bad idea. Included in the Declaration of Independence is a 27-point rant of gripes against the King, Parliament, and Great Britain, extending far beyond the oft-cited "taxation without representation." Some of the more compelling of these charges were:

This is not all of the grievances, but it provides a sense of the breadth and severity of British tyranny. Sooooo….since we now enjoy independence from these things, let's not only celebrate, but also take care to educate, and stand up for: /

Mark A. Easter is the president of the RCBA, a partner at Best Best & Krieger LLC, and has been residing and practicing law in Riverside since 1989.

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