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Barristers Column — September 2018

By Megan G. Demshki

Megan G. Demshki

Megan G. Demshki

There is something special about walking through the doors of the Riverside Historic Courthouse. That unique combination of breathtaking architecture, history, and a tale of preservation and restoration causes me to pause in the middle of a busy workweek. Without fail, a friendly face or two can be seen in the corridors, reminding me of the interconnectedness and small town feel of our legal community. In these moments, I am reminded of our duties and responsibilities to our clients, to our profession, and to each other.

For me, the Riverside Historic Courthouse serves as a reminder of why I entered this noble profession in the first place and how I have learned that being an attorney is so much more than just a “job.” Riverside has a unique legal community and I am proud to call Riverside my home.

This legal community has played a significant role in shaping me into the attorney and person that I am today. In fact, the Barristers introduced me to our legal community, and those friendly faces that welcomed me in the beginning are now some of my truest friends. I am humbled to now serve as president of the Barristers as I truly believe in the value of this organization to new and young attorneys.

I hope that Barristers can serve as a warm place for you to come relax at the end of a busy work week at a Happy Hour, or cause you to forget those motions you still need to draft during an intense game of bowling. I hope you will learn how to be a better advocate at MCLE events and be introduced to your mentors, your peers, and some new friends at the annual judicial reception. I hope you will be reminded of how fortunate we are while wrapping holiday gifts in December with the elves program or volunteering together at a local food bank. I hope Barristers will serve as your reminder of why you took on this noble profession. I hope we can challenge and support each other along the way.

I know that the incoming Barristers board and I are passionate about connecting new and young attorneys to the many facets of what makes this organization and our legal community truly one of a kind. For those new and young attorneys we have yet to meet, we want you to know how eager we are to welcome you into this organization.

The Barristers are busy gearing up for an exciting and event packed year. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!

Riverside Barristers Board 2018-2019

Riverside Barristers Board 2018-2019

Who is a Barrister?

A Barrister is any attorney member of the Riverside County Bar Association who is under 37 years of age or within their first 7 years of practice. However, law students, community members, and attorneys of all ages are welcome at our events!

Big Thank You Shumika

The Barristers all owe Shumika T.R. Sookdeo a huge thank you for her service to the Barristers as the 2017-2018 president. With Shumika at the helm, the Barristers had an incredible and memorable year. Shumika made the role of president look like a breeze, all while juggling her practice and the newest addition to her family. Shumika was especially skilled with empowering the board members to harness their unique skills and talents for the betterment of the organization. We are so grateful to Shumika for all the hours she put into Barristers as president, and we are thankful for her guidance as she continues to serve on the Barristers board as the immediate past president.

Upcoming Events

Whether you are eager to start planning the next great Barristers gathering or just looking to attend your first event, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to meet you at the door of a Happy Hour, so you don’t have to walk in alone or grab coffee to learn more about how you want to get involved. The easiest ways to get ahold of me are by email at Megan@aitkenlaw.com or by phone at (951) 534-4006.

Megan G. Demshki is an attorney at Aitken Aitken Cohn in Riverside where she specializes in traumatic personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance bad faith matters.

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